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Founded by Mr Yoshio Tasaki in 1956, the first Yamaichi industry was establised in Kawasaki city as a  press and metal works factory. Ten years later, an ambitious expansion program was set up which oversaw the establishment of factories in Sukagawa and Fujinomiya and created the Yamaichi Group of Companies.

With the dawn of the asian economy growth, Yamaichi Group of Companies set up its first overseas factory in Shah Alam, Malaysia in 1998 as its premier accumulator and precision pressed parts supplier to the Asian market. Till today, T.Yamaichi (Malaysia) Corp Sdn Bhd has always been at the forefront of the accumulator and pressed parts industry, making headway into Southeast Asian market with its innovative and quality products.

 A second overseas factory was sourced in Ayutthaya Thailand and Yamaichi Manufacturing Thailand Co.Ltd was set up in August 2003 to cater for the growing  global automotive pressed parts demands. With its network of companies, Yamaichi Group of Companies has established itself as one of the globally preferred supplier of precision engineered and pressed parts to its customers. With its view in creating long term win-win relationships, the core of the Yamaichi Group of Companies business model revolves around TRUST and the WIll to fullfill all commitments to its customers and partners. This is strongly reflected in our founders motto and is carried in heart by all Yamaichi employees till today.


 Corporate Motto 

 The Loss Of Money Is A Minor Loss;

The Loss Of Trust Is A Major Loss;

 The Loss Of Will (To Work) Is A Total Loss.



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