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 T.Yamaichi (Malaysia) Corporation Sdn Bhd has been in the steel pressed parts manufacturing since 1989. As the pioneer steel accumulator manufacturer in the South East Asia region, we take pride in our achievements and continue to stride forward towards new emerging markets and innovations. We have since diversified into Accumulator, Precision Pressed Parts, Power Tools Pressed Parts, Automotive Pressed Parts and Thick Sheet Pressed Parts. Other than pressed parts we do have Furnace Services & Assembly Services.

Our current portfolio of parts include :










We currently have the only EGR conveyor furnace in Malaysia, designed for controlled environment and high temperatures. We have catered for various industrial brazing needs such as home appliance, automotive, power tools and more. The conveyor system provides high continues output rates with independent zone temperature control and maximum operating temperature of 1200°C to achieve consistent brazing joints with minimal porosity and material overflow. Depending on your needs, the furnace can be configured for various metal brazing systems, annealing treatment, high temperature curing of bonded surfaces and limited rust removal from steel component surfaces.





We provide in-house assembly services for our customers as an add-on from our primary stamping processes. We have extensive experience with the assembly of accumulators and precision pressed parts using various methods and techniques, including but not limited to, Cu brazing to steel, projection welding assembly, press-fitting of stamping components, crimping assembly and MIG robotic welding. All assembly processes are customized to the project requirements and if required, we can also initiate full design and fabrication of the assembly line.




We are also able to customize products according to our customers requirments, drawing upon our vast experience and capabilties in precision metal stamping. Contact us or drop us your enquiry via our webpage and let us bring your ideas to reality. 

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